Succession PlanningNeil McPeak Jr.

    Succession Planning: How to Keep What’s Working and Innovate What’s Not

    Neil McPeak, Jr. is a rising superstar. For one thing, he’s in the process of gradually taking over his father’s billion-dollar practice – a tall order for anyone. But he’s also proven that he can “make it rain” for himself. In 2017, Neil personally raised $30M in new AUM. That’s a great year! But in 2018 he raised $75M.

    In his presentation, Neil will take you through the succession plan he and his father are implementing. It’s all based on retaining what works and innovating what doesn’t so Neil can eventually take the mega-practice his father built and build it even higher!


    At AdvisorCon, Neil Will Show You:

    • The infrastructure he is building to ensure a smooth, orderly transition.
    • His step-by-step process for transitioning clients from father to son without losing anyone.
    • How he started from the ground up to establish his own brand and identity in the minds of the clients he’s taking over. (This is critical!)
    • How he took the growth strategies his father used and tweaked them for himself to raise $75M last year.

    Most importantly, Neil will show you how he’s followed in his father’s footsteps and transformed into an asset-gathering machine.

    Neil is only 32 years old, but with the succession plan he has in place, Bill estimates he will be at $4 billion by age 40. He’s well-positioned to dominate the 2020s. At AdvisorCon, Neil will show you how you can dominate, too. So…

    If you have a junior partner who needs to bring in more assets

    If you’re a junior hoping to take over a practice one day

    Then You Must Not Miss This Session!

    It contains the strategies and best practices you need to make your own succession plan work!


    About Neil McPeak, Jr.

    Neil holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics with a Concentration in Finance from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Neil joined the McPeak Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors in 2010. While he is the Heir Apparent to Neil McPeak Sr. he is becoming a powerhouse in his own right. In his spare time, Neil is an avid supporter of the Penn Rowing Team and serves on both the Board of Governors for the Bacharach Institute of Rehabilitation and the Board of St. Augustine Preparatory School.


    Why Did We Invite Neil To Speak?

    Look over your shoulder.  See that blur coming up behind you?  That’s Neil McPeak Jr.  The very definition of a rising star, we invited Neil to speak because:

    • He raised $75M in 2018 alone – and at AdvisorCon, he’ll show you how.
    • Neil is currently doing what thousands of advisors will soon have to do – launch a succession plan. Whether you’re a senior looking to exit the industry or a junior hoping to take over a practice one day, you need to see what Neil and his father are doing to ensure a smooth, orderly transition.
    • There’s major value in seeing what the next generation of advisors is doing so that your practice is cutting-edge, not complacent.