Re-Engineering The SystemMatthew Bailey

    An Ambitious Project: Re-Engineering The System

    As the head writer at Bill Good, Matt led the most extensive and ambitious overhaul to the System ever! The team started with the 110% Gorilla Chart and rebuilt it from the ground up – so that now there’s a specific strategy for improving every aspect of your practice organized into easy-to-understand processes so your team can implement them with minimal oversight.

    Why does this matter to you?
    Because now you can grow in a faster, more systematic way than ever before! At AdvisorCon, Matthew will unveil 10 of these new strategies (plus a few new marketing campaigns) so that you can hit the ground running the moment you return home. You’ll learn:

    • Strategies for building a digital pipeline, generating HNW prospects, strengthening your brand, building a billion-dollar team, and more!
    • Processes for getting in front of local organizations, improving your website, finding new money, and more!
    • New targeted drip campaigns for both clients and prospects.


    Get A Sneak Peak

    Plus, you’ll get a special sneak peek at what else we’re currently cooking up in the BGM kitchen! Here at Bill Good Marketing, we’re constantly striving to find new and better ways to help you grow. At AdvisorCon, Matthew will show you new content you definitely don’t want to miss.


    About Matt

    Matthew Bailey started at Bill Good Marketing in 2007 before becoming Head Writer in 2013. He loves unlocking the power of words to help you do what you do best: Serving your clients. Outside the office, he is a published author, having sold multiple short stories to various magazines. In his spare time, he enjoys playing five different instruments (the saxophone first and foremost), chess, and spending time with his wife and three sons.


    Why Is Matt Speaking?

    AdvisorCon isn’t just a place for you to learn what the top advisors in your industry are doing.  It’s also where you can learn what we’re doing to help you grow!  That’s why we invited our own Matthew Bailey.

    • As Head Writer, Matthew is responsible not only for the majority of our letters, but also oversees all new strategies, campaigns, webinars, and other content.
    • Previously, Matthew served as a Remote Computer Operator and Success Coach, meaning he’s helped advisors grow at almost every level of their practice. That gives him a unique perspective on what advisors must do to be successful.
    • Over the last year, Matthew has been involved in a massive re-engineering of the entire Bill Good Marketing System. At AdvisorCon, he’ll officially unveil how the new System works, and show you 10 new strategies and marketing campaigns.