Make an Unforgettable First ImpressionBryan Ulatowski

    How to Make an Unforgettable First Impression

    There are eight different financial advisors within walking distance of Bryan’s office. He doesn’t worry about them – he knows they’ll never get his clients. When Bryan goes to networking events, he doesn’t need to sell himself. People come up to him to ask if they can meet.

    When Bryan hosts a social event, the town literally closes two entire streets – because everybody comes. Local business owners. Neighbors. Clients’ siblings, parents, grandparents, and kids. People book their vacations around Bryan’s events.

    The result of all this is that Bryan gets TONS of introductions every year, and most become clients. Why? Because he creates an absolutely unforgettable first impression – one more powerful and memorable than just about anyone we’ve ever seen before.

    How Does He Do It?

    At AdvisorCon, Bryan will show how you can make an unforgettable first impression, too.

    At AdvisorCon you’ll learn:

    • How Bryan gets business owners all over town to know who he is and what he does – and it has nothing to do with advertising!
    • Why most FAs who host events aren’t getting as much out of them as they should – and the solution is so simple!
    • How to strike a balance between fun/creativity and professionalism/expertise, and why that balance is critical when it comes to networking.
    • The secret key to turning your clients’ parents, grandparents, and siblings into clients themselves

    Plus, you’ll get Bryan’s incredible, must-see-it-to-believe-it event strategy. When we saw what Bryan does with his events, we dropped everything to make sure he could come speak. You’ll have a lot of fun seeing what Bryan does! Bryan has truly mastered the art of next-level networking, and it all comes down to how he makes an impression. At AdvisorCon, you’ll learn the secrets of next-level networking, too.

    About Bryan Ulatowski

    Bryan is an investment advisor representative in St. Clair, Michigan with over 27 years of experience. Bryan has completed training through Clarity 2 Prosperity and has become one of the members certified in utilizing The Bucket Plan®.