Bryan SarffMy Plan For A $100M/Year In New AUM

    The 6-Year Triple-Double

    Yes, you read that right! The “two-year double.” It’s something we’ve helped hundreds of advisors do. But a triple-double –three doubles in a row – is MUCH harder. It’s something only a select few have done. Bryan Sarff is well on his way to doing it!

    In order to accomplish this, he must average $100M a year by 2024. What’s most impressive about Bryan is that he is doing this mainly through organic growth. This means most of his new assets come from existing relationships – client assets, client referrals, client introductions, and especially, strategic partners.

    Learn How To Leverage Organic Growth

    At AdvisorCon, you will learn how to achieve a triple-double through organic growth, too. That’s because Bryan will show you:

    • How he generates as many as 95 referrals in a year.
    • The top ways he gets clients to bring their friends and family to him. It’s not uncommon for Bryan to get dozens of new clients through introductions alone!
    • His unique strategy for developing and using strategic partners. (This is the single most important channel in his growth strategy!)Organic growth is the Holy Grail for most advisors because it’s less stressful, less time consuming, and frankly, more fun than “hustling” and “grinding” for new clients in the mass market. Bryan is a master at it – and at AdvisorCon, he’ll demonstrate how you can be, too. In the 2020s, organic growth will become more important than ever, as more and more investors limit themselves to doing business with professionals their friends and family recommend. That’s why we invited Bryan to come speak – because he’s doing what you’ll NEED to do to double in the 2020s. And who knows? Once you’ve implemented what you’ll learn at AdvisorCon, you could achieve a triple-double, too!

      About Bryan Sarff

      Bryan has been serving clients financial needs since 2003 and is the President and a Personal Wealth Manager at True Wealth & Company, LLC, a fully independent firm. Bryan chairs the Investment Committee of True Wealth & Company and manages assets for business owners, professionals and retirees/pre-retirees. Bryan has also been the host or co-host of a financial talk radio show for the better part of seven years on News Radio 980 KMBZ, Talk Radio 710, and Hot Talk 1510.

      Why Did We Invite Bryan To Speak?

      Bill has always said that in order to really grow, you must know “how high is up.”  We invited Bryan Sarff because he is on track to achieving what few have done before – a triple-double! (That’s three doubles in a row.)  At AdvisorCon, he’ll show you how, including how he generates as many as 95 referrals in a year – and anyone with those numbers is worth emulating!

      We also invited Bryan because he has a unique strategy for developing and using strategic partners that you have got to hear.