Being Sole Provider In The 2020sFrantz Widmaier

    Being Sole Provider In The 2020s

    As the industry continues to shift, it is more important than ever to be the Sole Provider for your clients.

    We are in the beginnings of a huge transition, where it’s no longer the transfer of wealth that is in play. It is the transfer of identity. As an advisor you are in the business of building and maintaining relationships. In the coming years the advisors that will lose out, are the ones that aren’t able to take advantage of the tremendous opportunity that technology will bring. But not in the way that you think!


    Why does this matter to you?

    Because during this session, you’ll learn:

    • Why is being human more important than ever?
    • How do you leverage the simplicity of communication in all of your prospecting efforts?
    • How do you understand what your prospects are really telling you?
    • Why big words suck.
    • Why empathy is important.


    Enhancing Client Relationships

    The depth at which you are able to connect with your clients will increasingly define the depth of the financial relationship that you build with them. In the modern era, the speed and access to data is increasing at blinding speeds.

    How are you putting it to work in your practice?

    How are your systems supporting you in building and enhancing your client and prospect relationships?

    Modernizing your practice has never been more important. At AdvisorCon Frantz will discuss some novel ideas and perspectives on what that looks like and the impact it can have on your practice as you push to become the sole provider for your clients.


    About Frantz Widmaier

    Frantz has been the Chief Operating Office for Bill Good Marketing from 2012-2015, and ongoing since 2017. He is looking at how to take the company into its next 40 years of success and growth.