Become a Household Name In Your AreaSteve Robbins and Lisa Avenevoli

    Become a Household Name In Your Area

    There’s a dark secret in the financial services industry: Most advisors are simply not opening new client relationships. In fact, data shows that most advisors average less than eight new households per year, with growth coming almost entirely from market performance.

    But what happens when the markets stop performing? What happens if economists are right and a recession strikes in 2020? How do you keep growing then?

    Steve Robbins and Lisa Avenevoli Have The Answer

    “We utilize eight marketing channels, ensuring they all work together to achieve one goal: That everyone within a 15-mile radius of our office knows our name and eventually comes through our door. From there, we just do what we do and 95% of qualified prospects go on to become our clients.” – Lisa Avenevoli

    At AdvisorCon, you’ll learn how to achieve this goal, too! The reason we asked Steve and Lisa to speak is because they’ve done something all advisors must learn to do if they’re to thrive in the 2020s: Implement multiple marketing channels at the same time and engineer them so they work together. In other words, they’ve synergized their prospecting so that every single channel supports and feeds into the next. The result is a constant stream of new prospects, month after month, year after year.

    Most advisors are not well-positioned for the 2020s, because their marketing is broken into isolated pieces that take way too much time, cost way too much money, and bring in too little. But at AdvisorCon, Steve and Lisa will show you a different way.

    You’ll learn:

    • How to use traditional channels (like direct mail) to get more prospects to your website and social media pages.
    • How to use website and social media to get prospects to your events.
    • How to get event attendees to provide referrals and introductions.
    • How to get all prospects from all channels into your office!
    • How to use online tools to track each channel so you know exactly what’s working and what’s not.
    • How to use FREE MARKETING TOOLS to achieve brand domination in your area.
    • How to synchronize ALL forms of communication so you can be found by your target audience!

    This is, quite simply, prospecting on a different level. Not because Steve and Lisa have discovered some new channel of prospecting, but because they use every channel in a way that creates a tremendous synergy.

    At AdvisorCon, they’ll show how to have all your channels working synergistically too! Synergistic campaigns are more effective, more efficient, and yield more clients from the same effort.

    Why Did We Ask Steve & Lisa To Speak?

    When it comes to prospecting, these two are masters – and when we found out what they’re doing, we just couldn’t let them say no.  That’s because:

    Their prospecting strategy encompasses eight (!) different marketing channels. (Most advisors use one or two.)  More importantly, they have every channel working together rather than independently.  At AdvisorCon, you’ll learn why that’s critical.

    You’ll also learn how to pair your website and social media with more traditional forms of marketing to get people through your door. This is one of the biggest reasons we invited Steve and Lisa to come – because they’re so far ahead of where most advisors are when it comes to using online tools to grow. It’s time you learned how to achieve this same level of brand domination.