May 16th – DAY 1


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-Opening Remarks-


What It Takes To Be Sole Provider In The 2020s

Frantz Widmaier – COO BGM

As the industry continues to shift, it is more important than ever to be the Sole Provider for your clients. As an advisor, you are in the business of building and maintaining relationships. There is a tremendous opportunity that technology will bring to the modern practice, but not in the way that you think… read more


The 6-Year Triple-Double:

My Plan For A $100M/Year In New AUM

Bryan Sarff – CEO True Wealth

Bill Good Marketing has helped hundreds of advisors do a 2-Year Double. But a triple-double – three doubles in a row – is MUCH harder. It’s something only a select few have done. Bryan Sarff is well on his way to doing it! He’s got a plan, he’s on track, and he’s building on a foundation of Organic Growth… read more


Next-Level Networking:

How To Make An Unforgettable First Impression

Bryan Ulatowski – Registered Representative Wellington Financial

There are eight different financial advisors within walking distance of Bryan’s office.  He doesn’t worry about them – he knows they’ll never get his clients. Why?  Because he creates an absolutely unforgettable first impression… read more


Lunch Break:

Sambuca Rooftop

Enjoy lunch and a fantastic view with your peers on Thursday, May 16 on the rooftop of Sambuca, one of Nashville’s most premier establishments. Several menu options are available.


Live Growth Planning Session:

How To Dominate A Market

Richard Ina – AAMS® UBS

In this session, you’ll watch as we work with Rich in real time to build a growth plan for the 2020s. You’ll even get a chance to participate! This will be a unique, interactive presentation unlike anything we’ve ever done at our conference before… read more


Advanced Targeting:

How To Match Your Message To Your Market and Raise $3M A Month

Will Simpson – BMO Nesbitt Burns

At only 30 years old Will is on track to bring in $36M AUM in 2019. That’s $3M a month! The best part: He’s shooting for $50M by 2020. He’s doing it with very a very specific targeting approach that allows him to dial into his ideal clients… read more


Afternoon Break


Synergistic Prospecting:

Get Everyone Within 15 Miles To Know Your Name

Steve Robbins & Lisa Avenevoli

Utilize eight marketing channels, ensuring they all work together to achieve one goal: That everyone within a 15-mile radius of our office knows our name and eventually comes through our door… read more


Succession Planning:

How to Keep What’s Working and Innovate What’s Not

Neil McPeak, Jr. – CFP® MWMG

While gradually taking over his father’s practice, Neil is making it rain as well. He raised $75M in 2018 and is on task to hit $4B by age 40. He’ll share what’s key in a succession plan. Every Junior Advisor should attend! … read more


Closing Remarks

Frantz Widmaier


Cocktail Party – Networking Event

Drinks, light food, and fun at Up, a rooftop lounge.

Join us at the rooftop lounge on top of the beautiful Fairfield Inn & Suites for upscale libations with an eclectic menu featuring shareable plates. This unique rooftop lounge with inside and outside seating and magnificent views of the downtown Nashville skyline will make for an excellent evening.

May 17th – DAY 2


Welcome To Day 2


Day 1 Recap & Speaker Introductions

Frantz Widmaier


An Inside Look:

How Two Legends Plan to Grow Through The 2020s

Rob Rose & Chad Henry

These two industry giants will interview each other to discuss how they drove growth in the 2010s. Then they’ll discuss how to handle specific challenges in their practices before revealing their master plans for growth through the 2020s… read more


Be Found, Look Good:

Digital Marketing Secrets for Financial Advisors

Frantz Widmaier – COO BGM

Learn ways to generate leads online that convert into hot prospects by transforming your website and social media into a digital marketing funnel.


Catered Lunch – Monell’s

Classic Southern Cuisine. With a 4.9 Star rating out of 3,216 reviews, Monell’s is a Nashville tradition. With several lunch options available we are excited to have Monell’s cater this year’s second-day lunch. Several menu options are available.


Re-Engineering the System:

Special Unveiling of 10 New Strategies & Content

Matthew Bailey – Director Client Content & Strategy – BGM

As the head writer at Bill Good, Matt led the most extensive and ambitious overhaul to the System ever. The team started with the 110% Gorilla Chart and rebuilt it from the ground up – so that now there’s a specific strategy for improving every aspect of your practice organized into easy-to-understand processes so your team can implement them with minimal oversight. This will lead to faster, more systematized growth… read more


How the Right Team Accelerates Growth

Staff Panel – Lisa Avenevoli, Michele Tellstone, and Gaye Pike


I Told You So:

Forecasting Your Industry in the 2020s

Bill Good – Chairman BGM

Your host, the legendary Head Gorilla,  who has coached 1000’s of advisors over 40+ years, will close out this year’s AdvisorCon with a focus on several specific best practices you must implement in 2020s.  Do them and you’ll thrive.  Ignore them, and you’ll find it hard to even survive…  read more


Doors Close

Enjoy Music City!

This historic American City has something for everyone. With the perfect blend of country roots, hipster foodie vibe, and Rock & Roll, present there are plenty of great things to do and see while you’re here!

I got useful, practical takeaways from every single speaker. They held nothing back.  ~Rachelle Allen

Every year I’m excited to hear from people who are genuinely happy to help each other.  ~Montee Sneed

AdvisorCon was full of industry experts that advocate personal and industry growth and excellence.  ~Scott Sawtelle

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